SO, WHAT´S WITH THE TWO ii´s? is such a new and innovative way of thinking, that we decided it was time to re-define ´advertising´ as we know it. Simpler, more efficient & better practices will be adapted – and a new phase will be entered into which we like to refer to as advertising 2.0.

Taking ownership of this movement – we decided it was time to change things up. And it doesn´t get much bolder than this! is more than just a concept - it´s the new standard, the new benchmark. And we believe that "two ii´s are better than one". is currently operated by a small management team with strong strategic partners both in and out of the advertising & media industry. The company is poised to become a thought-leader and paradigm-shifter in the advertising space race. It will expand existing supply and create fresh demand in a booming multi-billion dollar global industry, providing effective access between the buyers and sellers of advertising. is a market innovator. We run against the grain. We have a vision of changing the advertising game. And we are taking ownership of this game change with the symbol of the two ii´s. A whole new genre of advertising is upon us.

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