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Local Ad Space

  • Mobile Phone Charging Machines across the United Kingdom

    Advertise on a 23" Digital Advertising screen on our mobile phone charging machines. MP4 media format accepted. Adverts will be shown as a minimum for 2 minutes every hour.

  • Pepperdine Graphic newspaper ad space

    Quick Facts: -Generates more than 25,000 page views per month and nearly 200,000 per academic year -10 issues per semester -Over 50 students on staff

  • Car in Romania

    I sell the roof,sides,back and hood of my car . I will cover them with whatever you want. I travel a lot so it will be visible to lots of people.

  • Local Offers Discount Voucher Book

    Local Offer Discount Voucher Book is a book focusing and specialising on advertising features for local businesses and promotion vouchers, offers and discounts. We pride ourselves on providing the bes

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